in a mind of his own

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A bad guy named Shausa wants to be a good guy but when she wanders into a race game called Candya MAnia she meets a little girl named Bani Van Sweetart and she stole Shausa's medal to get in a race then when They both make a deal for Bani to race and win her medal back Shausa finds out the king wont let Bani race because she is a glitch and when she unlockes herself people will want to play her she will glich and people will think the game is broken then unplug them but Bani can't leave the game because she is a glich and bani will die with the game.

Cassie's Visual Novel

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One day wishing for change, hope, life, something different... a wish that carried her to another world.

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May and Jason have been classroom neighbors for 3 years. They always see each other stealing a glance at the small window on the door and looking away when their eyes meet. They had never spoken to each other. But what if one fateful day they bumped into each other unexpectedly and realized their feelings? Is this the start of a new love blossom?

nursing assistant

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