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Is this your first time here in BASS? Let me explain what BASS is and how it will help you.

Visual Novel Academy

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In a heavenly room owned by Lin, four supposing Visual Novel Masters await to teach you the basics of making awesome visual novels. Enter this hilarious creation of a Visual Novel Academy and learn and laugh with our strange teachers.


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THIS GAME IS STILL IN PROGRESS Morgan Is a normal school student who doesn't have any friends, this year she is more than determined to Get out of her harsh personality and make some friends. But will she make more than just friends?

in a mind of his own

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You are arsweariaa, the evil river man of terrorbain.. you have to find a grid to go to the lake, because that is why rivers flow.. Well, not normally, but that's why you do

I Could Just Eat You Up

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Seiichi has been friends with Emi for at least two months. Over the two months it seems that they have begun to have feelings for each other. Will Seiichi and Emi have a good relationship? TWs: Cannibalism, Blood

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Kawa, you, are new to Toyako, a beauitful village in Japane. There is a rumor going around your school that a cursed boy lives in a forest not to far from your house. You don't believe it, but you check it out. Are the rumors true, or are you wasting your time? Find out.