The One Vol.3

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Previously Darlene finds out who was trustworthy and who is not. (play Vol.2 and Vol.1 first) Join Darlene on this new adventure. Will she be able she be able to survive? *Check out Darcladia2*

The Dark World.

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You come home to find out that your best friend is missing...then, you wake up in a world, a dark world... you dont know any one there... you don't know where you are... if you stay there too long, will you forget who you are?


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Indigo Peak

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A girl and her family go on a trip into the mountains while they stay with a friend in Indigo Peak. What will happen? Thats for you to decide...

O que acha?

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My real love

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Um mundo real,sua realeza tem v

The New Girl is a Perv

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Kressin a teenage girl who lives with both her parents is starting a new school today.She gets in many situations due to her inappropriate behavior.Follow her through her butt groping adventure if ya want.