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While walking home from her new school, Chie Yamauchi, runs into a strange person who later she becomes friends with. However they start to act a bit strange...

My Crush is a Murderer!!

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Takeshi Yamamoto has had a crush on Keiko Minami ever since middle school. However he finds out something terrifying about her... TWs: Blood

Dead End 2

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Eri and Kimiko have been friends since middle school started and Kimiko has fallen for a third year. However Eri has fallen for him too... TWs: Suicide, Blood

Dead End

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Yuichi meets a girl named Kimiko one day. She seems to be dying and she likes to call this her Dead End. However this girl has a dark side that she is hiding... TWs: Suicide, Blood

I Could Just Eat You Up

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Seiichi has been friends with Emi for at least two months. Over the two months it seems that they have begun to have feelings for each other. Will Seiichi and Emi have a good relationship? TWs: Cannibalism, Blood