Life In Another World

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18 year old Yuki dies after being hit by a truck. Meeting god and being sent to another world Yuki has to adapt to a new life of fighting and magic.

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vampires don't age past 18 so they look very young. but some vampires can look older than others due to how old they actually were when they stopped aging; because the first vampire was female she was shut out except from her servants. she was very isolated and watched as all her human friends died, she was lonely. and all she wanted to do was find someone like her.


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A supreme vampire is the king/Queen of all vampires, they have many powers and are in charge of all who follow them. If a vampire does something the supreme vampire doesn't like, they have the right to destroy that vampire. But all isn't good and well when there's mysterious attacks on different schools. With the powers of a supreme vampire and some friends will Dusk be able to uncover the mysteries hidden behind the attacks?

(currently in progress)

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life is difficult especially when your sister is the center of attention, and you get forced to be her bodyguard, and not treated as her brother at all. 'this life is the worst, but i promised...'

The half witch and the wolf

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This is a 3 game series, this is the first game. This is mainly about the main character being a half vampire half witch who was never accepted as a child, although this particular half blood is very rare a few still exist. her father was a vampire and her mother was a witch, although they died when she turned 7 she was living a very confined life due to being too powerful. And when her parents died her whole life went from being a lonely little girl to being CEO. of Tokizawa corporation. This was when it had all changed thanks to fate...


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Set in a fantasy world. The planet is divided into four nations, Sun Kingdom - population: Sun Elves/ Moon Kingdom - population: Moon Elves/ Lovuroel kingdom - population: fairies/ and the last nation which is split into two; light kingdom - humans and dark kingdom - humans with familiars, these humans are normal, but they have great technology and reproduction so no one can go to war with them.