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High school student Kai is not your normal student: he's a detective! Well, a detective that only solves school related crimes for five dollars a day. When he recieved his first case he was more an excited to take on the job, until he found out what it was; a student's art work had been destroyed while it was locked in the art room. Kai must find out who did this before the judges for an upcoming art contest arrive. Question people, take notes, and search high and low for clues!

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You are cooking for a guy in your class, since you love him. You've known him since grade school, but he doesn't seem to notice you. What better way to show love then cooking?

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Kawa, you, are new to Toyako, a beauitful village in Japane. There is a rumor going around your school that a cursed boy lives in a forest not to far from your house. You don't believe it, but you check it out. Are the rumors true, or are you wasting your time? Find out.