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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by Animelover269

 pls rename

Willow has always been different. She just hasn't known about her ability... until now.  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 2    Downloads: 497   Votes: 0   

Created by N

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Anna just broke up with her boyfriend,Khai,after 3 years.Hoping for a better future she focuses on art school and her career.But as mysterious notes and new people come into her life.Well,her life gets a bit more complicated.  

Avg score: 1.00   Popular: 1    Downloads: 506   Votes: 1   

Created by zeze

 pls rename

lost pause noble this is for you  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 2    Downloads: 309   Votes: 0   

Created by Lousciana

 pls rename

You play the game as Yukiko, who is an aspiring fiction writer with high dreams for the future. One day, a chance encounter leads you to stumble upon a handsome stranger. Little did you know that this encounter would change your view on life forever.  

Avg score: 3.83   Popular: 1    Downloads: 930   Votes: 5   

Created by sailormoon1234

 Music to My Heart- Part 1

At a music academy, Baiorin Sosha and Myujikaru Ongaku Kokoro meet, and soon fall in love. But his ex, Marie Farthing, wants him back. What will Baiorin and Ongaku experience just to stay together?  

Avg score: 2.00   Popular: 0    Downloads: 301   Votes: 1   

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