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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by shycopath

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I felt the cold air wash over my face. A.K.A, the story of a masochist. (tw for self-harm, blood, etc.)  

Avg score: 3.00   Popular: 4    Downloads: 2206   Votes: 2   

Created by PRISMSTAR312

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You must listen the instrumental music. Then you can write the music and the singer.   

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 6    Downloads: 2560   Votes: 0   

Created by `Patience

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Lou is the name. Lou is my face.. Lou is the bruise. Lou the hurt I feel when he grab me,Silence. Lou speak. Silence. Lou break free. Lou is the name.  

Avg score: 3.00   Popular: 9    Downloads: 3307   Votes: 3   

Created by Tatama15

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Daniel+Endi dalam versi visual novel! ^_^  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 3    Downloads: 3508   Votes: 0   

Created by engl4050

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ENGL4050 visual novel project.   

Avg score: 2.66   Popular: 3    Downloads: 4097   Votes: 2   

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