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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by Leigh222

 Hello World

Kyou wakes up from a coma to find that her mother has passed away and her father is taking care of her. She enrolles in school and meets new friends that help her to cope with her past.  

Avg score: 0.50   Popular: 1    Downloads: 204   Votes: 1   

Created by KawaiiApple

 LaurenzSide Novel ^^

I Dont Know Why...I Guess I Was Bored....  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 6    Downloads: 191   Votes: 0   

Created by Yeiber

 Historia de amor


Avg score: 0.50   Popular: 8    Downloads: 265   Votes: 1   

Created by erosmaiden

 please rename

Leila has moved to a new town said to have a shrine populated by spirits! She wanted to explore the shrine but then finds herself in trouble when the spirits of the shrine fall in love with her!  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 4    Downloads: 673   Votes: 0   

Created by KarlhaG

 pls rename

~ Beemoov | chinomiko | KarlaG ~ Un pequeño juego para las amantes de CDM y Team Lysandro Estaré respondiendo con el Editor. Dejen sus Preguntas aqui abajo, publicare las imagenes en mi pagina.   

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 4    Downloads: 999   Votes: 0   

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