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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by sailormoon1234

 Music to My Heart- Part 1

At a music academy, Baiorin Sosha and Myujikaru Ongaku Kokoro meet, and soon fall in love. But his ex, Marie Farthing, wants him back. What will Baiorin and Ongaku experience just to stay together?  

Avg score: 2.00   Popular: 26    Downloads: 246   Votes: 1   

Created by sailormoon1234

 Music to My Heart- Part 2

You know the deal.  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 16    Downloads: 344   Votes: 0   

Created by sentarou

 pls rename

La Triste y melancólica historia de un TTK desafortunado  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 31    Downloads: 201   Votes: 0   

Created by Yukishira

 pls rename

Uma historia de amor muito fofa  

Avg score: 2.00   Popular: 19    Downloads: 190   Votes: 1   

Created by Otaku-san

 Oki-Doki Start Demo

You play as Hiroki Sudo. You have just been accepted into the private academy Yatsuki High. You meet three talented but very different girls.   

Avg score: 2.00   Popular: 13    Downloads: 226   Votes: 2   

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