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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by qinqin

 At the End of Time

Time is infinite. Yuria wonders what she can find at the end of time. In two days, how will her views of time change? + 10 endings.  

Avg score: 3.57   Popular: 19    Downloads: 3281   Votes: 6   

Created by chobona3

 pls reset game name

Some days in the life of a girl volunteering at a mental hospital.  

Avg score: 2.00   Popular: 6    Downloads: 2736   Votes: 2   

Created by Ken-Ken

 Dead End

Yuichi meets a girl named Kimiko one day. She seems to be dying and she likes to call this her Dead End. However this girl has a dark side that she is hiding... TWs: Blood, suicide, decapitation.  

Avg score: 2.25   Popular: 23    Downloads: 1351   Votes: 3   

Created by datvngirl

 pls reset game name

a girl is reported missing.. but the truth is she is killed and chucked in a canal found only 21 days after her disappearence. You play the role of Det Luca to solve the case along with your partner Arden. Can you find out the Truth?  

Avg score: 3.33   Popular: 4    Downloads: 1508   Votes: 2   

Created by shycopath

 pls reset game name

I felt the cold air wash over my face. A.K.A, the story of a masochist. (tw for self-harm, blood, etc.)  

Avg score: 3.00   Popular: 10    Downloads: 2235   Votes: 2   

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