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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by DreamWriter

 The Red Assassin: Episode 1

The first episode of 'Epic Fantasy,' season 1 (The Red Assassin.) Danna is so excited about her wedding but finds it in torn apart by the mysterious red assassin.  

Avg score: 3.87   Popular: 3    Downloads: 1150   Votes: 7   

Created by chobona3

 Ten Seconds

A day in the life of someone, and ten seconds.  

Avg score: 3.75   Popular: 3    Downloads: 829   Votes: 3   

Created by Brooke1702

 The Dragon's Age

There once was a grand age for the human race, and that was the Dragon's golden age. Human's were allied with these great beasts and in turn, the dragons supplied the humans by using their power to help grow their crops and making magnificent jewels of great beauty. Traders came from the far isles to trade... But there was one who stopped all this and created so much death, you'd lose count of how many lost their lives in the dragon wars.  

Avg score: 2.50   Popular: 2    Downloads: 481   Votes: 1   

Created by ManaManami

 Testing game


Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 2    Downloads: 228   Votes: 0   

Created by Role-PlayingGamers

 R.P.G.-Just a Promise~Lite~

Your childhood friend promised you something,but but forgot about it.You have to remind him about the promise.  

Avg score: 0.00   Popular: 1    Downloads: 358   Votes: 0   

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