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Q: Who can create BASS games?
A: Everyone who can type!
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Created by Role-PlayingGamers

 R.P.G.-Project ZER0-LITE-

How will you survive in this psycho apocalypse?Will you ever survive?It depends on your answer.Be careful!  

Avg score: 4.58   Popular: 10    Downloads: 344   Votes: 16   

Created by IndieMe


Her mother died because of her birth.Her father left her in a garbage can in the city.Because her mother has magical powers,She has the ability to see hear and touch angels or even talk to them.Almost everybody in the world rejects her...Because,she is born as a sinner.  

Avg score: 2.60   Popular: 15    Downloads: 390   Votes: 4   

Created by dildobaggins



Avg score: 2.33   Popular: 4    Downloads: 215   Votes: 2   

Created by HaruMeta


Have you ever thought of the morning sunshine beautiful?But what about the nights?Love is just like them.Love is beautiful,but alone and isolated is not pretty nor beautiful,unlike nights.Nights are pretty with the stars together with the moon.No-one is alone not you nor me.All you need is destiny.  

Avg score: 3.20   Popular: 9    Downloads: 348   Votes: 4   

Created by issmith

 Prolouge to Brothers

Gavin and Jonny never agree on ANYTHING.When both of them are thrust onto the front lines of war, who will survive?  

Avg score: 2.50   Popular: 3    Downloads: 148   Votes: 1   

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